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Top 9 Promotional Products for Real Estate Agents

In order to be a successful real estate agent you need to build solid relationships and meaningful connections with your clients. Good customer relationships are vital to remain top of mind with consumers and can lead to loyal clients, positive word of mouth and ultimately an increase in sales.

Conventional and digital marketing are effective strategies to help communicate and connect with consumers. Although, they can be expensive as it requires many tasks that need specific talents, expertise and skill sets. From understanding how to create content and implement SEO to advertising on social media and search engines, all these tasks require constant monitoring. These forms of marketing are usually passive as there isn’t direct involvement or interaction of clients.

A successful way of building relationships with your clients and rewarding customers is through custom promotional products. Promotional products are cost-effective and highly successful at enhancing a brands interaction with potential buyers. What better way to show them appreciation while subtly reminding them of your brand than with a useful, high-quality gift that they can use every single day.

By offering custom promotional products to potential clients you help create a personalised experience. Promotional products can be used throughout the buying cycle. As a gift to potential clients or to customers who browse your properties. To gifts for clients after a successful transaction.  On the VMA Promotional Products website you will find a wide range of promo products at a competitively low-costs. You can customise your own design or simply use your name or logo on a huge range of brandable promotional products. Here are the 9 most popular promo products for real estate agents:

  1. 1. House Bottle Opener Keyring

    A perfect housewarming gift that will always remind your customers of their new real estate acquisition. The keyring serves as more than just decorative but as useful and practical with a built-in bottle opener. This house keyring is reflective of a real estate agent’s brand and will remind your clients of you each time they reach for them. Your client can become a public ambassador for your brand every time they open a bottle of beer with friends or family.

  2. Wood cheese boards

    Demonstrate style and elegance by engraving your brand on a wood cheese board as a tasteful way to welcome clients into their homes. The wood cheese board comes with a set of four cheese knifes. Engraving the wood cheese board is an understated marketing technique, and a classier promotional product option. This gift will easily find a place in your client’s kitchen and something they will treasure forever.

  3. Travel Mugs Silicone & Glass

    Reusable coffee cups are all the rage at the moment, as consumer become more environmentally conscious. The eco-friendly travel mug is a perfect gift for all your coffee and tea loving customers. VMA Promo’s travel mug is made from high quality silicone & glass with colour silk printing that will last wash after wash. The travel mug will become an everyday use item that can gain your brand high exposure.

  4. Mini umbrella

    The mini umbrellas are a perfect housewarming gift for your clients because of their practical value. The mini umbrella is also a unique and creative gift for potential client who are viewing your property on a rainy or sweltering hot day. Due to the mini umbrellas weight and size it can easily be left in your client’s purse or car without causing any inconvenience.

  5. Bluetooth key finder

    There is nothing more annoying than not being able to find your keys. And there is no one who wouldn’t appreciate being gifted with a Bluetooth key finder. VMA Promo’s Bluetooth key finder can help you find your key within a 25 meters range. The device is compatible with iOS and Android. All your clients have to do is attach the compact key finder to their keys and they’ll never lose their keys again. Your clients will be non-stop talking about how valued and appreciated you made them feel.

  6. Mouse pad with wrist rest

    Often, we want to gift promotional products that are creative and unique. Although, they are important factors usefulness of an item outweighs the attractiveness by a huge margin. The usability of the gift will determine the life span of a product. The mouse pad with wrist rest generates value to consumer because it helps solve a problem. With more and more people regularly using a computer for work and other activities. The mouse pad with wrist rest helps ease and prevent hand pain, numbness, or injury due to prolonged mouse use. Put your brand in a visible space so your customers refer to you more easily.

  7. Timer fridge magnets

    Trying to think of a clever way to brand yourself other than the traditional business cards? Fridge magnets are a creative alternative; that are always kept in a visible place to remind your customers of you. Everyone has fridge magnets at home, but why not make them more useful? Order these personalised fridge magnets that also help your customers keep track of time while cooking.

  8. 3 in 1 multi USB charger

    Tech products are becoming more and more popular with promo products. This is because consumers need these tech gadgets to help solve daily problems. Today, there is a vast range of mobile gadgets with more people owning a multiple phones, tablets and smart watches. The 3 in 1 multi charger can support up to 3 devices at one time. A useful gift for the home or office.

  9. Stainless steel coasters

    The perfect housewarming gift is one that is practical and sentimental. The stainless coasters are laser printed as a subtle marketing technique and are a stylish and refined gift. Stay top of mind with a gift that will have a real use in your client’s new home.

Create a lasting impression and greater impact on the consumers while enhancing your brand image. Promotional products will allow you to connect with your customers by interacting with them on a physical level and engage their senses. By gifting your customers with a promotional product, they will feel valued and a valued customer is a loyal customer.

Why choose VMA Promo?

VMA Promotional Products lives by the mantra “make your brand memorable”. They saw a gap in the market for quality yet low-cost promotional merchandise and branded corporate gifts for business. They source products direct from the factory and can guarantee the best prices for small businesses. VMA Promo will help provide you with ideas, create your art, products and deliver to your door. Get in contact today for an obligation free quote from VMA Promo.

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