Spring Promotional Products

The Top Spring Promotional Products

Spring has sprung and with that comes demand for seasonal items. Businesses should see the change in season as an opportunity to spruce up their marketing efforts, have a spring clean as it were.  As the weather heats up it is a great opportunity to change up promotional items. Entice new customers with freebies that are seasonally relevant. Step away from the promotional pens and notepads and look to spring promotional products and more quirky gifts to peak the interest of potential customers.

How do Seasonal Promotional Products help brand promotion?

Consumers do not only utilise particular seasonal products, they also get more insight into the brand. Developing a more positive association with the business through promotional gifts. There are also several other advantages of using seasonal promotional products for marketing:

Strong marketing tools:

The majority of promotional items chosen by businesses are small but highly varied products like pens, caps, mugs, etc. Promotional products can market your business long after you’ve paid for them and handed them out. Consumers are unwilling to throw away branded gifts as they are seen as being unique to them or they have positive association – that nice feeling when you get something for free!

Maximize brand awareness:

Establishing a solid brand identity and standing out from your competitors in the crowd is commonly a goal for every business, whether they are big or small. Promotional products are designed to help further establish and develop a brand. When customers use or see branded items, they get a sense of familiarity and create positive associations with that brand. By carefully considering your branded products you further maximise your brand promotional water bottleawareness and those positive associations.

Low cost for a wide reach:

As with most marketing avenues, businesses are frequently concerned about the cost of promoting their business. Many small businesses avoid investing in promotional items because of budget issues. Realistically investing in seasonal promotional items at key points throughout the year will allow you to reach a broad range of customers, and due to the nature of promotional items this exposure will be ongoing. If you have a very low budget you can order small, light-weight items such as keychains or lip balms – both seasonal and promotional.

Replace the Simple Business Card:

Whenever you open a business, you need a business card to showcase your business. Promotional items offer the option of replacing the humble business card with something a little more memorable, and useful. Seasonal promotional items bring your business and your brand to the forefront of the consumer mind, adapting them for a spring/summer market makes you more relevant.

Choosing the right item at the right time for the right audience:

When you look for promotional products, consider who it is you are targeting, are you trying to entice new customers? Or are you showing an existing customer how much you value them? Promotional products vary extensively and it is important to find the right product for your target audience. Consider various demographics and who they actually are; think about the following options;

  • Drinkware items
  • Technical items
  • Office items
  • Outdoor items
  • Entertaining items
  • Apparel items
  • Food surprises
  • Mini travel items

Each of the above categories contains products that are desirable to consumers from all walks of life. You would be surprised by how tweaking existing promotional items to make them relevant to the time of year increases their value to the consumer. For example, handing out scarves in the middle of summer is hardly a relevant promotion, but handing out stubby coolers when backyard BBQs are on the return – very relevant.


Top Spring Promotional Products:

VMA Promo Products has chosen some of the top spring promotional products that your business should invest in. From stubby coolers to lip balms, we show you the promotional gifts that the consumer actually wants for when the weather warms up:

Because having a drink in Australia without one is just plain wrong.  One of the most popular promotional products year-round among Australians and definitely one you should be stocking up on. Stubby coolers are a backyard BBQ must-have and with the weather heating up what better way to raise your brand awareness? Stubby coolers are a great promo item as they are rarely thrown out, they last forever (or at least so it seems) and customers usually aren’t content with just the one.

Using golf balls as promotional items allows you to market your brand outside the office. They are the perfect item for corporate golf days, tournaments, marketing campaigns. They even make a simple and effective corporate gift. Make your brand memorable on the golf course by creating your own custom golf ball set.

Cooler bags remain one of the most wanted types of promotional product because of their practicality. Customisable cooler bags mean your brand can be seen in schools, offices, parks, beaches and wherever else you decide to take your lunch.

Lip balms grow in popularity during spring because of seasonal demand. Sun exposure and rising temperatures make for dehydrated lips. Keeping a lip balm handy is always a good idea. Encouraging customers to  grab a lip balm from your brand means they’ll have your promo item with them the majority of the time- a constant reminder of your business.

VMA bottle openers make a great promotional product, enabling your customer to be well-prepared at their next BBQ. As a promotional item they come in a variety forms including ones with LEDs, hpromotional keyringsouse-shaped  openers (great for real estate  agents or mortgage brokers), and keychain openers.There are even coasters available with an integrated bottle opener. With so much range and versatility it is easy to see why these make great promotional products.

Aussies, in general, are great lovers of sport. Sports bottles are spring promotional products that can really work for the promotion of a brand. A product that gets plenty of exposure whether it be in the park, in the gym or even at work. Water bottles are staple promotional items with plenty of space to display branding. VMA offers Sports Water Bottles in both 700ml and 500ml varieties and in a range of colours and materials.

The team at VMA Promo Products pride themselves in making your brand memorable. We do this by offering you options for promotional items that are relevant to your business and practical for your consumers. VMA Promo offers an extensive range of promotional items suited to all budgets and businesses. From stubby coolers to lip balms and everything in between.To find the right promotional items to make your brand memorable, get in contact with Katie at VMA Promo Products today.

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