Trade show giveaway ideas 2022


Trade show giveaway ideas 2022

When it comes to marketing and promoting your business, promotional are a low-cost, highly-effective way to increase brand recognition and improve sales to the general public.

There are several reasons to offer branded gifts to your potential customers, especially during trade shows: increasing brand exposure, creating positive associations, reminding people of your brand, and bringing you an excellent return on investment compared to other big campaign marketing tools.

Giveaway ideas for trade shows 2022

Have you decided to include promotional gifts into your marketing strategy? 2022 is expected to abound in offline events. These are wonderful opportunities to make your brand stand out from the crowd and offer corporate items without putting any pressure on recipients. Here are some excellent giveaway ideas for your next trade show attendance:

Want to make sure your promotional product is being used every single day? Water bottles are conspicuous and remind people to hydrate regularly. One of the advantages of this promotional gift is that you can place a larger message on the product.

Help your potential customers to get into a good mood in the morning by offering these eco-friendly coffee mugs and they will see your brand just as refreshing and stimulating as coffee. Our coffee mugs are very practical and safe due to the silicone sleeve and the wheat fibre in their composition.

LED flashlights are the perfect tool in many situations due to being lightweight and energy efficient. Even if smartphones are also equipped with flashlight functions, many people prefer saving their phone battery and using a portable, mini-LED torch instead. VMA Promo Products offers you mini-LED torches made from durable magnesium-aluminium alloy available in the following colours: black, blue, green, purple, red, and silver.

What do you want your brand to be associated to? If it’s feel-good and leisure time, consider this extremely popular bottle opener as a corporate gift. Made from zinc alloy, it is very durable and will remind people of your business every time they hear a pop.

Appeal to your eco-conscious audiences with this practical, non-woven bag that helps people reduce plastic consumption. They are available in a wide range of colours and can hold a larger, more complex message.

Even if electronic devices are everywhere, there is nothing like paper and pen for planning or write down a brilliant idea. Our mini notepads offer excellent value for money and will inspire your prospects throughout their work day.

Pens are great promotional products because they are important daily tools for any professional. Our metal pens are among our bestsellers due to their sleek aspect and durability. They are available in multiple colours (Dark Blue, Black, Light Blue, Light Green, Light Pink, Dark Brown) so you find the one that suits your brand’s visual identity best. This model additionally features a silicone nib can be used on all tablets and smartphones.

Who doesn’t need a practical, easy-to-use drawstring backpack? Choose a model that is reusable, sustainable, and printed using renewable energy. A drawstring backpack has countless uses, such as storing gym clothes and/or shoes, keeping travel toiletry inside, hiding dirty clothes when you travel, or carrying books.

Who could refuse a sweet treat? Jelly beans branded with your company logo are a one-time, unforgettable gift that comes in 9 great colours and flavours – White (Lychee), Yellow (Lemon), Orange (Orange), Red (Strawberry), Purple (Grape), Pink (Raspberry), Green (Apple), Blue (Blueberry), Black (Aniseed). Delicious!

Show your customers that you care about their feelings and well-being with a branded stress ball. Not only will the ball help them ease tension, but will also be a constant reminder of your business, which could come to their rescue in different ways, too!

Choose a superior quality lens cloth and chances are your potential customers will be using it every day to clean their glasses. That’s a very effective and discreet way to suggest your business is a problem solver. The lens cloth from VMA Promo Products is available in different sizes and colours and can be printed in spot colours or full colour on one or both sides.

Everybody feels a bit guilty for losing the business cards they receive at networking events and fear the same thing will happen to their own cards. This practical luxury business cards holder will ease your customers’ minds and help them keep contact information safe. The lasting impression is ensured by the laser printing method used to place your logo on the metal case.

Final thoughts

If you are planning to attend at least one trade show in 2022, being prepared with attractive promotional products is a must. Get the best quality for price with VMA Promo Products due to our ability to source products directly from factories and provide multiple customisation options!

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