Trade Show Promotional Products

Trade Show Promotional Products Trending in 2021

The last year has been marked by an accentuated digitalisation of marketing operations. The coronavirus pandemic forced businesses and their customers to stay at home and interact online. On year on and things are slowly coming back to normal. This means that some of the good old marketing tactics are making a comeback, especially offline events attended by larger numbers of people. Trade shows are going ahead this year on their scheduled dates but businesses need to be aware of Covid-safe requirements per region/show. So, prepare your trade show promotional products, play by the rules, and be ready to put your best foot forward when it comes to promoting your business in person.

Importance of having promotional products at expos

Expos and trade shows are promotional events that allow businesses to have a chat with customers, face-to-face, and use more personal marketing techniques such as doing product demonstrations, making speeches, and giving away trending promotional products.

Acquiring a selection of the most popular promotional products requires a designated budget, but the benefits of supplying these gifts to potential customers frequently outweigh the expense:

  • Increasing brand awareness

Studies have shown that 88% of promotional products recipients remember the name of the advertiser on the product and many recipients ultimately end up purchasing from that company.

  • Reaching customers on a personal level

The key to successful marketing is creating a solid relationship with your market. Promotional products are an excellent way to connect with consumers at events, as well as after, every time they use the product.

  • Very cheap advertising space

Advertising is a very powerful tool, but it costs money and sometimes lots of it. By placing your logo on a promotional product, you get lots of repeated exposure for your brand at a fraction of the price for typical online advertising.

8 trending promotional products

The following trade show promotional products are sure to attract the attention of your potential customers and put your brand top of mind for your audience:

  1. Branded Face Mask

ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute) found that 57% of consumers are more likely to do business with the advertiser who gave them a custom face mask. Regardless of the direction the Covid-19 pandemic takes, it looks like face masks are here to stay and people will continue to use them to prevent the spread of both common and more serious respiratory infections. The fact that you can personalise your face mask and make them look good (to some extent) has encouraged more people to invest in them.

Would you like to enable your customers to stay safe while also promoting your business? Check the wide range of branded face masks provided by VMA Promo Products – we offer different sizes and face masks types (reusable and disposable).

Promotional branded face mask

  1. Eco-friendly Products

Promotional products have sometimes gained a bad reputation for being made from materials that are difficult or impossible to recycle.The market has also been flooded by low-quality products that recipients often toss in the bin.

At VMA Promo Products we only source and provide trending promotional products that are functional and of excellent quality. Reusable totes/shopping bags are an awesome low-cost option that you can ask for if you want to protect the environment. Check out our other eco-friendly products here.


eco-friendly promotional product

  1. Tech Products

In today’s digital world, tech solutions are much needed and nobody will refuse a good technological promotional product.

Our tech products include: action cams, chargers, earphones, gift sets, microfiber cloths, mouse pads, computer accessories, speakers, USB accessories and cables, power banks, dash cameras, flash memory, fitness bands, lanyards, and virtual reality products.

USB pens and flash memories are among our top sellers as they are considered to be highly-useful to recipients. The same ASI study cited earlier revealed that “56% of consumers would choose a USB drive over a power bank.” USBs are still current and customers like them!


promotional USB drive

  1. Promo Hats

Promo hats are an age-old favourite and the perfect gift for Australians. With so much time spent outdoors, promotional caps are still a favourite (provided they look good of course!)

By having your promo hats worn by your expo attendees you will get an average of 3,400 impressions over a lifetime of 10 months. A great way to let your customers do your advertising for you!

promotional hats

  1. Key Rings

The secret to choosing a successful promotional product is selecting an item that is useful to recipients and provides high exposure for your brand at the same time.

Key rings are always a good idea because they come in such a huge variety of shapes, sizes and functions.  VMA Promo Products provides a large number of key rings with additional features such as:

  • Flashlight;
  • Bottle opener;
  • Compass;
  • Gear shift shape;
  • Bluetooth key finder;
  • LED torch.

promotional flashlight keyring


  1. Stubby Coolers

Also known as stubby holders, stubbies, coolers, coolies, koozies, cosies… No matter what you name them, they are one promo product that customers can’t help but grab.

There are a number of stubby cooler designs on offer from VMA Promo. These are our most popular stubby coolers from VMA Promo Products. They are made of neoprene and have glued and stitched seams. Available in a range of colours, shapes and sizes, stubby coolers are a fail-safe option when it comes to promotional products.


Promotional Stubbie Cooler

  1. Mouse Pads

Working remotely is still a thing and office accessories are always welcome especially as trade show promotional products.

64% of work from home products will be kept by consumers if they deem them useful, and with mouse pads you will definitely get a huge hit. Even if they use laptops for working from home, people still prefer a mouse to a touch pad. It is more convenient and ergonomic to use a mouse. You can help your customers increase their productivity with our range of mouse pads on offer, which includes the traditional version, an ergonomic design with a wrist rest, and a premium version. The premium one even enables you to charge your phone and other devices. All our mouse pads can be personalised with your brand and logo.


Promotional Mouse Mat

  1. Pens

Speaking of technology, some traditional instruments will never disappear from everyday use. Pens are one of those items you cannot work without.

Let’s face it, these were never going away. With so many designs to choose from, you’re bound to find the perfect, quality promo pen for your brand. Pens come in different shapes and sizes and various levels of quality. We make sure you provide an excellent writing experience to your customers while also promoting your brand effectively. One of our most popular products is this metal pen for business:

  • Comes in different colours, including blue, black, green, red, and carbon black;
  • Can be printed on using laser or silk print method;
  • Made from metal, which makes it resilient ,durable and more professional looking;
  • Weighs only 15 grams.

promotional pens metal

By sourcing your promotional products from VMA Promo Products, you will enjoy additional advantages aside from the ones listed previously:

  • Track record of quality and customer service as we are a new division of Visual Marketing Australia. VMA is a reliable and customer-focused digital marketing agency with over a decade of experience;
  • Obtaining the lowest prices as we source our products directly from the factory;
  • Working with a legitimate, customer-focused business based right here in Australia.

Contact us today and together we will determine the best trade show promotional products for your company!

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