Why promotional products are so important

Why Promotional Products are Important for Promoting Your Business!

Staying top of mind for your customers and being creative are two of the most potent marketing strategies nowadays. With audiences constantly being bombarded by promotional messages from all directions, you will need a smart marketing campaign to survive the tough competition on the market. Promotional products Australia are one of those highly effective tools you can use to promote your business and build rapport with potential customers. Their biggest advantage is the continuous exposure to your brand message that they ensure, but they can help your business in many other ways you may not be aware of. Keep on reading to find out why promotional products are important and how you can use them to attract and retain loyal customers!

Benefits of promotional products

Companies using promotional products increase their chance for more sales and better return on investment. Multiple studies have found that promotional products and branded merchandise offer key benefits over other forms of advertising and that, above all, people enjoy these corporate gifts:

  • Increasing brand awareness

Offering branded merchandise increases your brand exposure. Brand awareness refers to the extent to which customers are able to recall or recognise a brand.

Building a powerful brand image and making it visible is the first step towards selling your products and services. Promotional products Gold Coast can be a part of your brand and make it feel more tangible and accessible to audiences. They help you set your brand apart from your competitors and whenever a person sees your design or logo they will automatically think about your company. Statistics show that 9 in 10 consumers recall the branding on promotional products they have received – which is an outstanding result!

  • Building customer relationships

People who have a close relationship offer gifts and do small favours to help each other. The same thing goes with brands and their customers. If you want to secure a loyal base of customers, you will have to build a healthy relationship with them.

Offering high-quality promotional products Australia positions your brand as an authority and helps establishing credibility in your niche.

Once you have built a strong relationship with your audience, they will refer your brand to their network, create user-generated content, and every interaction between your brand and its fans will further boost engagement.

  • Repeated exposure

There is probably no other marketing tool that ensures higher exposure to your brand image than promotional products Gold Coast. Advertising campaigns run for a limited period of time, while promotional products ensure brand exposure that goes beyond your target audience and helps you reach audiences that you have never marketed.

This is because good promotional products are used for a long period of time. Here is the estimated lifespan of promotional products in consumers’ lives:

  • Outerwear: 16 months
  • Umbrellas: 14 months
  • T-shirts: 14 months
  • USB drives: 13 months
  • Drinkware: 12 months
  • Bags: 11 months
  • Headwear: 10 months
  • Writing instruments: 9 months
  • Calendars: 8 months

It’s also common for recipients to pass along promotional products if they don’t need them or are finished with them. As your products mark their way into new homes and offices, your brand recognition only continues.

  • Lead generation

According to Hubspot, lead generation is “a way of warming up potential customers to your business and getting them on the path to eventually making a purchase.”

Promotional products are a great lead generation tool and can help build sales for your business. Some companies even use a tiered approach – they start with an inexpensive giveaway to a potential client and then work their way to a little bit more expensive items. These gifts are offered to people who are genuinely interested in their business; it’s an approach that has a very high chance of converting a prospect into a client.

  • Conveying your message to customers

Offering promotional products not only opens the door for communication with your buyers, but can also convey specific messages. You can print your logo and specific brand messages on your merchandise. Most times, you don’t even need to add text as the choice of products and their quality already say something about your business.

Why promotional products are important to your brand? They play a part in a successful branding strategy. Branding is about communicating your values and vision to your potential customers to attract, maintain, and grow a loyal customer base and promotional products can assist with this.

  • Creating a strong impression

There are few people who remain indifferent when they receive a nice gift. Branded merchandise helps to create an emotional relationship between brands and consumers. The consumer study from PPAI, mentioned earlier in this post, shows that 71% of people included in the research said they felt happy when receiving a promotional product. At the same time, 83% of respondents agreed that their impression of a brand positively changed as a direct result. Creating a positive impression of your brand means that the consumer is more likely to purchase from you.

  • Deep reach and effect

But why do promotional products make such a strong impression on recipients? And even beyond the initial audience (as 8 out of 10 consumers give a promotional product to someone else if they don’t want to keep it for themselves)?

It’s the tactile nature of promotional products that makes them so effective at creating emotion in recipients. We can all appreciate that a physical object is more attractive and creates a stronger impression compared to a printed image or an onscreen advertisement. Promotional products are part of what is called haptic media – things that people can get their hands on and that transmit messages from various organisations and companies.

Touching and taking objects into possession appeals to our hunter-gatherer instinct – for almost 90% of human history, we have been using hunting and gathering as a successful adaptation to survive. In the beginning, people used to obtain food by scavenging, and up to this day we have a feeling of satisfaction when we find an object that helps us meet our needs.

  • Helps with customer retention

Offering promotional products Australia is a way to thank loyal customers and cement relationships with them. People surveyed in the PPAI study said they were more likely to do business with brands they had received promotional products from. This relationship based on promotional products stretches over a span of many years, due to recipients keeping and using the merchandise for a long period of time.

  • Cost-effective

The cost per impression for promotional products is lower compared to any other advertising tool. Marketing campaigns only run for a limited amount of time and users can mute your social media channel if they are not directly interested in your product. Printed ads convey your message for the period of time the flyer, brochure, or magazine is kept by the prospect.

Promotional products Australia, on the other hand, are a one-time investment that continues to produce results for a long time. When you source your promotional products from a supplier that brings them directly from the factory, such as VMA Promo Products, you can keep your expenses even lower while enjoying the best-branded merchandise quality.

  • Variety

Promotional products take a sheer variety of forms these days. The huge offer includes everything from low-budget pens to gadgets using the latest technology. There is a promotional product for every budget, every occasion, and every business. You can access everything from entry-level merchandise that suits large-scale campaigns to premium products that are ideal for promoting high-end brands.

Almost every surface can be now printed due to advances in printing technology, thus increasing the variety of printable products that are available to marketers. Check the VMA Promo Products shop for hundreds of different products you can customise with your brand message!

How to choose the right product for your company

Have you seen something that you like on our website? You can order your promotional products as early as today. However before placing an order, assess your business and your marketing objectives in order to make the right choice of promotional products Gold Coast:

  • Industry and brand specific

The promotional products you choose should be related to your industry. Whenever you communicate something to your customers, you need to ensure consistency with your brand, its image, and the type of products and services you offer. For instance, if your business is finance-related, offer piggy banks, stress balls, calendars, pens, and mugs.

  • Choosing useful products

Whether you offer promotional products to a large number of prospects or want to cultivate your warmest leads, pick a product that recipients are likely to use. If your product is tossed to the bin or forgotten at the bottom of a drawer, you haven’t achieved your goals.

  • Choose products that are most likely to be seen by lots of people

You want your promotional products to garner as many impressions as possible. People using or displaying your promotional products act as brand ambassadors and help increase your reach. Look for items that are used in public and generate the most impressions: outerwear, face masks, bags, wearables, pens, umbrellas, etc.

Promotional products can be the marketing goldmine you have been searching for. Now that you know why promotional products are important, it’s time to choose your own. VMA Promo Products is the best choice for promotional products Gold Coast due to providing quality products directly from the factory at the best prices and having a strong track record of being a stable, reliable and customer focused company.

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