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Why Expo Promotional Items Are a Must-Have!

Promotional products are a welcome gift at any time, who doesn’t love receiving a freebie now and again? We receive promotional products such as pens or key chains when attending promotional events, going to the bank, almost all shopping bags are branded and act as promotional items! Providing your customers with free expo promotional items results in them being more likely to have a favourable impression of your business and the best time to benefit from this is when participating in trade shows and expos. By being present at a trade show and not offering promotional products you are not optimising your face-time with potential customers – these small promotional gifts are some of the most effective tools for attracting consumers and marketing your business on a larger scale.

Benefits of expo promotional items and branded merchandise include:

Increasing Booth Traffic

Businesses displaying promotional gifts at their booth have more traffic compared to companies which do not use giveaways. Trade shows are a great opportunity for promoting your company, but at the same time they involve competing with other businesses and sharing leads with them. Expo promotional items can make the difference between going unnoticed and being the star of the trade show!

Increasing Brand Awareness

In a market where everybody is utilising the most diverse advertisement tools and where it can be very difficult to cut through the noise, setting yourself apart from other

brands and making people remember you can be quite the task. Offering promotional products enables you to reach out to new customers and differentiate yourself from industry competitors. Establish what it is that sets your company apart from the competition and promote it through branded merchandise to improve your business’s visibility.

Improving Brand Image

When you’re trying to market yourself at a busy expo, among hundreds of boots it is essential you are creating a positive impression. Branded merchandise has been observed to attract a more favourable attitude towards companies as prospects become more inclined to purchase your products or services when they have received a small gift from you. However, it’s important that you only offer high-quality promotional items that give value to the attendee; if the product you offer is of poor quality it is like effect will negative and damaging to your brand image.

Helping With Your Visual Presentation

The visual aspect of your trade show booth is just as important as the products and services you offer. Promotional items can be used to help the stand or display itself stand out from the crowd and get noticed. A visually pleasing display that uses expo promotional items will draw attendees to your booth, and from there they can find out more about your company. Pay attention to how you organise your display – instead of laying out products in a straight line, consider whether your display should flow as a journey or can customers browse at leisure in any order.

Maximising Your Reach

Promotional gifts not only draw attention to your booth during the trade show, but can also help with your reach after the event. 87% of attendees receiving a free expo promotional item keep it for longer than one year. Throughout this time your product has many opportunities to increase reach and also to return to the forefront of the recipients mind. If the recipient really likes your promotional gift they could keep it on their person or in their office or home for a long time. Think about the massive amount of exposure your brand can open up to and you will understand why you should invest in quality branded merchandise that your audience will find useful.

Key Statistics for Expo Promotional Items

According to an infographic by Visual.ly, using branded merchandise at trade shows comes with the following quantifiable benefits:

  • 5% of businesses feeling their brand visibility has improved;
  •  while you will still enjoy the advantages of collaborating with an Australian-based business;
  • 63% of participants seeing an increase in booth traffic;
  • 60% of recipients saying they did business with the advertiser;
  • 42% of attendants saying they had a favourable brand impression.

Other sources have also published encouraging findings:

  • 90% of recipients were able to recall the brand;
  • 80% were able to recall the specific messaging;
  • 80% conducted research about the brand;
  • 83% said that they’re more likely to do business with a brand after receiving a promotional product from them.

Stocking your booth with a variety of high quality promotional items is one of the best investments you can make if you plan to attend a trade show at some point in the near future. Expo promotional items should be considered as a priority when devising your overall marketing strategy, especially if you are planning to attend trade shows or other events. VMA Promotional Products has a wide selection of quality, in-demand products that you can customise by adding your logo to and bulk order online on the VMA Promo Products website.

Top reasons to get your promotional products from VMA Promo Products include:

  • We source our products directly and this allows us to beat prices from similar companies; we cut the intermediaries to ensure the most competitive price
  • We offer high quality branded merchandise that your customers will find valuable and use for a long time. VMA Promo Products guarantees high quality promotional gifts and offers to replace or refund any defective products;
  • Our objective is to become your first choice in promotional products and branded corporate gifts and we do our best to provide you with the promotional product your business needs and deserves;
  • We deliver more than your average promotional products company as we are a seasoned digital marketing agency with expertise in every area of marketing. We can provide you with ideas, help yo
    u create your artwork and custom products, and deliver to your door;
  • Prices can be negotiable depending on quantity – check each product for price ranges and choose the quantity that suits your needs. The price is inclusive of Logo printing on one spot plus freight.

Our top selling products in 2020 are:

  1. Fine Porcelain Mugs with a capacity of 390 ml and a delivery time of 7 to 9 days;
  2. Outdoor Quick Dry Sport Caps available in the following colours: Grey, Black, Pink, Blue and Navy;
  3. 8 Panel Extendable Umbrellas available in Navy, Light Blue, Maroon, Light Pink, Yellow and Black, with auto opening and Velcro fastening.

promotional umbrellas


We have a generous range of expo promotional items and we provide the following categories of products: apparel and caps, business products such as notebooks, bags, computer accessories, products for outdoor activities, toys, travel products, games, home ware, lanyards, key chains, badges, pens and stationery, as well as unique and eco gifts. Any of these promotional products can be ordered online at affordable prices and can help you totally rock your next trade show.

Making the most your expo presence starts with stand-out expo promotional items and that starts by contacting VMA Promo Products for a free quotation – contact us via our website and we will generally reply within an hour or within 24 hours at the most.

Contact us today for your promotional gifts from VMA Promo Products and together we will make your brand memorable!



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