Shipping Info

We provide you with a turnkey solution from artwork, manufacturing to freight and delivery.

The majority of our products are shipped directly from the factories and we have 3 methods of shipping:

1.     Air Freight

Airfreight is obviously the fastest way to get your products but it is also costly depending on the weight. This can usually take 6 to 8 days. Due to the current situation, some delays may occur.

2.     Ship Shipping

Delivery by ship is the most cost-effective way to deliver your products but it does take time so you need to plan ahead. This can take 21 to 30 days.

3.     Split Shipping

If you have an important event or short lead-time then this is the best option for you. For example, you have a trade show and would like to order 1,000 promotional items you can Air Freight 100 or 200 items then ship shipping for the rest thus saving on your overall freight charges.

The above shipping times are delivered to our Gold Coast warehouse so it may take a little longer to deliver to your door. Once we consolidate our shipping partners we will be able to include direct to your door.

Manufacturing of your products may vary depending on:

  • Quantity ordered
  • If Off the Shelf or Custom Made
  • If Printed, Laser printed (as in pens, etc.) or Screen Printed
  • The manufacturing process and
  • The capacity of the Factory

This will be indicated on your quote so be sure to allow for this when ordering.

Inland Shipping Times, if dispatched from our Gold Coast warehouse:

QLD 1 – 2 business days 2 – 4 business days
NSW, ACT, VIC, SA 2 – 3 business days 2 – 6 business days
WA, NT, TAS 3 – 5 business days 3 – 7 business days