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Top Branded Tech Gifts!

Most marketing is happening online nowadays, but some good old techniques continue to stay relevant and attract customers. One of these old school – yet effective – marketing tactics is offering branded corporate gifts, with the most popular options leaning towards branded tech gifts.

Promotional products help to build a strong relationship with customers and partners while also serving as highly-effective and affordable advertising space for your brand. The continuous contact with your brand message through tech promo products will definitely have a major impact and enable you to grow your business!

Why Use Branded Tech Gifts?

If you have decided to offer branded corporate gifts to your prospects, the first concern for you will be: what kind of gifts should I be offering?

At VMA Promotional Products branded tech gifts are some of the best sellers for multiple reasons. Tech promo products have qualities that enable them to meet the main criteria for a good branded product. So, if you are going to offer promotional products to your customers, why not offer them something that brings the following benefits:

  • Being useful to customers

If recipients throw away your promotional product, this will be a waste of money for you and a waste of resources. Pick something that your customers will use on a regular basis so your brand visibility is very high.

  • Nurtures client relationships

People love receiving gifts and feel appreciated when a company or a brand gives them a useful, free gift. This helps with building customer relationships.

  • Enhances your brand

Offering promotional products gets your name out there and you are raising brand awareness while also reaching to potential customers.

  • Low cost form of advertising

Buying advertising space can be very expensive, and branded corporate gifts are a cost-effective method of advertising and raising brand awareness. You only have to pay for your advertising space once: when you order your branded corporate gifts. This results in a lower cost per impression.

  • Generating leads

Handing out branded tech gifts raises awareness and makes people curious about your brand. When offering these gifts, you can ask for email addresses to generate leads. In order to persuade them to give their address, you can offer a free trial of your product or a free online resource.

When Should you Use Branded Tech?

You can offer gifts such as branded ear buds at virtually any time, but your actions will have a bigger impact if you choose the right moments, such as:

  • At holidays

Christmas is the most usual occasion for offering tech promo products or corporate gifts, but some companies also offer them for Easter or other occasions such as Mother’s Day.

Offering corporate gifts at the end of the year is considered standard practice in the business community. For this occasion, it is recommended to plan ahead so you get your promotional products in time, while also making sure they stand out.

  • To say thank you

Keep a range of corporate gifts on hand to show your appreciation to employees or clients at special moments or last minute. A small gesture can have a great effect on maintaining good working relationships.

  • Significant company anniversaries

Another custom is sending an anniversary gift to mark the date when a client’s company was founded or reached a particular milestone. This gesture shows a more personal and human aspect, as well as showing your clients that you are paying attention.

  • After meeting a prospective client

Branded tech gifts will help you make a great impression on new potential customers; it is a way to thank them for giving up their time. The gift should be accompanied by a personal note saying ‘We’d be honoured to work with you’, or similar. Avoid sending the gift during the negotiation stage as this could be perceived as bribery.

  • Event giveaways

Would you like to reach a larger pool of prospects with your branded corporate gifts but you don’t want to look too intrusive? Corporate events are the perfect pretext to offer promotional products without the recipient feeling like you are targeting them.

Your Budget

The amount of money you spend on a branded tech gift depends on the recipient and the reason why you are offering the promotional product. Is it a corporate gift or a trade show freebie? How close is the relationship between you and the recipient? Fortunately, there are so many gift options that it’s easy to find an affordable and effective solution.

Our Favourite Branded Tech Gifts

Check out VMA Promotional products online and you’ll find the perfect match for your brand! Here are our personal favourite branded tech gifts which also happen to be our biggest sellers:

Wireless Charger

This bamboo wireless charger stands out as an eco-friendly yet high tech product. It can be branded using various methods, such as Digital Print, Laser Print or Pad Print. The slimline and lightweight appearance and style is a crowd pleaser for sure.

promotional wireless chargers


This tiny yet powerful speaker is compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows and has a working time of 6 hours. The Wi-Fi working area is within 10m. The speaker is available in multiple colour options: blue, black, green, and orange.

promotional speakers


The elegant design of this product creates a hyper immersive sound offering an amazing audio experience. Your clients will love these comfortable over ear head phones with adjustable cushioning head band and ear pieces. The headphones also have a hands-free phone call function with built-in microphone.

Promotional Wireless Headphones

Power Bank

The VMA Promotional Products power bank has an operating life of above 500 times and protects your devices due to its built-in protections: over-current, over-voltage, over-charging, over-discharging, short -circuit and over-heating.  A great gift for the client who works on the go – ensuring they never run out of charge.

promotional power bank

USB pens

VMA Promo offers a variety of USB drives – from credit card sized storage devices to colourful swivel styles. We even offer gift sets which offer 2 promotional products in one beautifully presented set – a combination of Napier Pen and a 4GB Swivel Flash Drive packed in 2-piece cardboard gift box with laser cut foam insert.

Promotional USB Gift Set

Phone Accessories

This handy phone grip is just one of a number of promotional phone accessories available from VMA Promo. Your customers and partners will think about your company every time they use this useful, expanding phone grip. The accessory attaches easily to the back of the phone or case and it can be used as a phone grip, a media stand or a cord holder. It collapses flat and it will stay stuck in place due to the strong adhesive that holds it to your phone.

Laptop Bag

Help your clients and employees to stay on top of business anywhere no matter what the weather is like with this waterproof laptop bag. Colour options include black, grey, dark blue, brown, and dark green. The material and size means it’s an ideal canvas for your branding – perfect for catching the eye of those potential prospects.

promotional laptop bag

Mouse Pad

When it comes to office work, nothing makes the difference more than an ergonomic mouse pad with a rest for the user’s wrist. Reduce the risk of repetitive strain injury and discomfort while benefitting from the smoothest mouse speed and control. The anti-fraying stitched edges extend mat durability. Colour options include: black, blue, dark blue, green, grey, light blue, navy, orange, pink, purple, red, white, and yellow.

Promotional Mouse Mat

Who Can you Gift Branded Tech Gifts to?

The large variety of tech gifts available means you can find suitable options for a variety of people. The most common recipients of branded corporate gifts are:

  • Clients

Send a promotional product to your company’s clients at least once a year to make sure you stay top of mind for them. Offering gifts is vital for maintaining relationships. Offer customised gifts to big clients with particularly large accounts.

  • Potential customers

For this category of recipients, choose gifts that are attractive and useful but not too expensive. The purpose is to show them you would be happy to work with them, not to make them feel they have an obligation towards you.

  • Employees

Employees should be the most important people for your company because they are the ones that keep your business rolling. Even if you prefer to give them a simple cash bonus, branded tech gifts increase your employee loyalty and make them feel appreciated.

  • Service providers

Don’t forget about service providers either; they can be virtual assistants, consultants, and even postal workers. Offer them gifts during the holiday season or at the end of a big project, after they went above and beyond to help your company.

Looking for top branded tech gifts? Look no further than VMA Promotional Products! Our products are of the highest quality and sourced directly from manufacturers, so we are able to offer you the best price.

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