Why Choose Us?

When choosing a supplier for your promotional products, you need someone you can rely on and know that they are here for the long haul.


At VMA Promo, we work extremely closely with our dedicated overseas product specialists and source directly from the factories! We have strict quality control procedures in-place to make sure your products meet the highest standards of quality before your items are shipped.

A lot of the time, there are high-levels of risk associated with shipping large quantities of items, but at VMA Promo, this is not the case. Our product specialists communicate directly with the factories to remove the language barrier and make sure there is no misunderstood information. We eliminate risk, help you save money, and provide quality products for you and your customers!

We Ship Directly
To Your Door!

Each and every parcel we ship goes directly to our facility for processing so we can check which shipping method is the quickest and most cost-effective! We deal with a large number of the top shipping companies such as: DHL, FedEx, EMS, and DPex.

Our freight rate is extremely well-priced and we offer the best delivery solutions for our valued customers. For more information, please visit our shipping page!

For Money

Lastly, we want to ensure you are getting value for your money and getting your products at the lowest possible prices. We can source locally for a quick turnaround OR direct from the factories to save you money and we guarantee to beat most prices or match any other quote you may get from a legitimate Australian based business (who has an ABN).

Other promotional product companies may say they source locally but let’s face it, their wholesaler would source from overseas anyway. By dealing with us you are dealing with an extension of the factory as we check the quality all the way through the process then double check it in our own facility before shipping direct to your door.

Why not give us a try and we will prove to you how good we are? Contact us today on 1300 158 708 for all your Promotional Product and Corporate Gifts or custom retail products.

Our Customers