Locally sourced vs. locally made – know the difference!

In the aftermath of a very difficult and challenging 2020, many businesses had to redefine their marketing, especially those directly affected by the pandemic. A major factor of differentiation in the last couple of years has been the Australian-made tag attached to various products. This is a general indicator of high quality and will also sell better as many people want to support Australian businesses and local communities. With every good intention or new idea there comes a way to use it for marketing without actually putting it into practice. Some of you may have observed the ‘locally sourced’ phrase, which suggests that the specific product is made in Australia.

However, it is important to understand that locally sourced does not always mean locally made.

Locally sourced products usually have originally come from overseas but are being stored and sold in Australia.

Some businesses can mislead customers by stating that their products are locally sourced when in fact they have simply come from a local supplier, who stores and supplies products from overseas.

In reality, many Australian-owned businesses offer a mixture of products, some being factory direct, others locally sourced, and some actually manufactured in Australia. Locally sourced products are not bad themselves and actually can contribute to the prosperity of Australian economy. Businesses should just be honest and transparent about the provenience of products so customers can make their own informed decision.

Keep on reading to find out how we source products at VMA Promotional Products!

Products from VMA Promo

The quality promotional products provided by VMA Promo come mainly from two sources:

  • We offer locally sourced products that have originated from overseas to offer our customers quicker turnaround;
  • We offer factory direct products that we source directly from overseas through express shipping or ship-shipping – these take longer but allow for reduced costs – which makes promotional products cheaper for small business. Therefore allowing small local businesses to save money which they can then invest in themselves.

Other ways that VMA Promotional Products supports the Australian economy include:

  • VMA Promo Products is Australian owned and employs locals right here on the Gold Coast. They remove the middle-man by directly dealing with the factory overseas;
  • VMA aims to provide personal, quality service while helping businesses promote themselves in a cost-effective manner with high quality promotional products;
  • The VMA Promo team works tirelessly to ensure the customers’ needs are met, working to provide the best deal for them;
  • The competitive prices provided by VMA Promotional Products enable local businesses to control costs and end up with more funds available to be invested in other vital areas;
  • Our Gold Coast team consists of graphic design, sales, and marketing and we are proudly Australian-owned and operated.
  • Eco-friendly promo products are also available.

The Creation of VMA Promotional Products

VMA Promotional Products is the brainchild of Katie Bond who saw a gap in the market for quality, yet low-cost, promotional merchandise and branded corporate gifts for businesses. There are three main things that differentiate us from other promotional products suppliers:

  • Our track record of quality & customer service

Even though VMA Promotional Products is a new division, it benefits from the solid, decade long, track record of VMA being a stable, reliable and customer-focused company.

  • Quality products

VMA Promo is dedicated and detail-focused when it comes to promotional products. We guarantee the quality of our products and offer to replace any defective products or provide a full money back guarantee and refund you.

  • Lowest prices

With us you are getting your products at a low and competitive price – especially if you opt for factory direct products.

Unlike other promotional products companies who source their products exclusively from an Australian-based wholesaler, we are sourcing our products directly from the factory so we are cutting out the middle man. VMA Promo Product has a direct approach, this means that you can rest assured you are getting the very best price and we will beat or match any other quote you may get from a legitimate Australian-based business (who has an ABN).

Using the Locally Sourced Tag Correctly

It is a common misconception that the ‘locally sourced’ phrase that many businesses use means ‘manufactured in Australia’. Again, it more commonly means ‘fabricated abroad but stored locally’.

At VMA Promo we provide ‘locally sourced’ products that come from local suppliers, please understand that this does not mean locally made as other companies would have you believe.  Our locally sourced products are perfect for our customers that require a quicker turnaround, alternatively we offer ’Factory Direct’ where we deal directly with the factory overseas to secure you the best deal possible on your promotional products (although this may take longer).

Either way, our products come from overseas as this is the most effective way of either providing a quick turnaround or a lower price, depending on what our customers need the most. The quality range of products that we make overseas are a cheaper option for small businesses. Their lower costs allow for local and smaller businesses to grow and hire within the local community, thus supporting local economies.

Offshoring comes with multiple advantages for local businesses, such as firmer control of operations and production, reduced risks, flexibility, reduced labour costs, and faster business growth. Products manufactured abroad can also benefit from a higher production capacity and newer technology that enables businesses to stay competitive.

Check our wide range of products online and choose anything between locally sourced and factory direct, depending on your requirements!


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